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Blade monitoring

Somni solutions ACD 1000 T ice on blades 


Somni Solutions specializes in the development and production of innovative high performance fiber optic sensors. These sensors use fiber optic technology to measure various parameters, such as temperature, pressure, acceleration or displacement.

The sensors are fully optical and do not require any electricity. Applications are in various fields, ranging from medical monitoring to industrial automation and environmental control.

Somni Solutions focus is on providing reliable and accurate sensor solutions that meet the needs of their customers in various industries. 

what we do
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Our products


Our sensors are all Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based fiber optic sensors. Robust and with an exceptionally long lifetime. This long lifetime, but also the resistance to, for example, high temperatures, and its immunity to electromagnetic disturbances make these sensors widely used in high-tech applications.

Making the best quality sensors for these applications at the best price has always been the goal of Somni's founders. This results in the fact that Somni can now provide a large number of these high quality sensors as standard sensors (see “products”).

But we are also constantly developing new sensors to add to our portfolio of standard sensors. This portfolio of standard sensors continues to expand. Next to the standard sensors Somni also develops and produces sensors for specific applications and industries (such as for example nuclear fusion and medical applications).

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Contract develompment service

Fiber optical sensors can be used in many application areas. By using its in depth knowledge of fiber optic sensors, Somni would like to play a role in all these application areas. Of course, with the goal to help the customer with a solution to his problem.

Therefore, Somni works together with the customer who has a more in-depth application knowledge of his work field than Somni. By doing such a development in a completely open relationship with each other, in many cases it was proven that the impossible can be achieved.

Although Somni's focus is on the development of the sensor, Somni can very well support and give direction to the development of the sensor system. In many cases Somni also took full responsibility for this.

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In addition to selling standard sensors, Somni has often participated in testing sensors for specific applications. And Somni has been given the opportunity to do a development of dedicated sensors.

why fiber optic
Passive sensor

Passive sensors

  • Intrinsically safe

  • Immune to HV fields

  • No power at sensing location

Harsh environments

Harsh environments

  • Liquids/ moisture

  • Extreme temperatures

  • High robustness

Optical signal

Optical signal

  • Immune to EM interferences

  • No pre-amps required

  • Reach remote locations (km)

Radiation environments

Radiation environments

  • ATEX zones

  • Chemicals

  • Radiation hard

Somni Corporation bv

Rotterdamseweg 183C

2629 HD Delft

The Netherlands

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