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Hydrogen sensors

General information

Somni's Fiber Optic Hydrogen sensor is specifically designed to detect low concentration molecular hydrogen leakages.


The Hydrogen sensor uses the Fiber Bragg Grating technology to detect hydrogen concentrations up to the lower flammability concentration of 4%.


With just a few seconds response time and unprecedented sensitivity, the H2 2000 T hydrogen sensor is ideal for permanent monitoring of hydrogen production, storage, and transportation facilities.


H2 2000 T



H2 2000 T fiber optic Hydrogen sensor, specifically designed to monitor hydrogen production, storage and transport facilities. The sensor detects hydrogen leakages in real-time and provides accurate measurements of the hydrogen concentration. 

Applications: Permanent monitoring of hydrogen storage, production and transport facilities.

  • 2000 pm/% sensitivity

  • Measurement range 0.1 - 4%

  • Response time < 3 sec

  • Operation al temperature range -65 to +80°C

  • Includes a temperature sensor


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