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Hydrogen leak detector

The Fiber Optic Hydrogen Leak detector is commercialized by United Fiber Sensing B.V., a spin off from Somni Solutions. see:


The sensor is specifically designed to give an alarm at low concentrations of hydrogen leakages. Typically at 0.1% vol. H2 and with a response time of just a few seconds.

The fiber optic hydrogen leak detector is a fully passive detector. There is no electronics inside. Furthermore, the detector has been evaluated by two independent parties regarding safe usage of the sensor at explosive concentration of hydrogen of 30% H2 in normal atmosphere. These results not only proof the safe usage of the detector at >4% hydrogen concentrations but also that the detector remains operational after exposure to >4% Hydrogen concentrations, i.e. the detector does not suffer from any poisoning effects.


Fiber optic hydrogen leak detector


Cost effective sensor for detection of molecular Hydrogen leakages starting at 0.1 vol.% Hydrogen in normal atmosphere.

The sensor uses light via fiber optic cables and is 100% free of any electronics. Using light instead of conventional electronics adds to the intrinsic safety of the sensor. Multiple sensors can be permanently installed in close proximity to piping, valves, meters and connections to continuously safeguard any hydrogen production, storage or transport facility.

Fiber optics allows easy and safe detector installation and simple daisy-Chaining multiple sensors using a single optical fiber. 

  • Detection threshold 0.1 vol.% H2 in normal atmosphere

  • Response time < 3 sec

  • temperature compensated

  • able to withstand high (4% - 100%) hydrogen concentrations

  • no poisoning

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