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Load Cell

Introducing the Fiber Optic Load Cell: Redefining Precision Measurement


Experience unparalleled accuracy and reliability with our Fiber Optic Load Cell. This innovative solution revolutionizes force and weight measurement using cutting-edge fiber optic technology. By eliminating interference and enhancing signal integrity, it delivers precise results in any environment. With superior resolution, it detects even the subtlest changes in force. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, while its compact design enables seamless integration.


Built to withstand harsh conditions, it guarantees long-term stability and durability. With multiple interface options, it seamlessly integrates into existing systems.


Gain a competitive edge in industries like aerospace, automotive, and robotics. Choose our Fiber Optic Load Cell to elevate your measurement capabilities and unlock new opportunities. Contact us now to experience the future of precision measurement.


ALC 240 T

ALC 240 no wcp.png

The ALC 240 T is a Fiber Bragg Grating based loadcell that can be used as: an anchor loadcell in applications as bolt constructions, pre-strained constructions, quay walls etc. or as a normal loadcell for heavy loads.
The highly sensitive fiber optic anchor loadcell sensor is designed for a nominal load of 240kN and is temperature compensated to ensure high stability.

All sensors are packaged in a rugged watertight (IP67) stainless steel housing offering maximum protection against harsh environments.

  • 30pm/kN sensitivity

  • 50 - 320 kN measurement range

  • 240 kN nominal Load

  • excellent long term stability

  • temperature & drift compensated

  • various mounting brackets available

  • IP67 watertight

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