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H2 Sensible

Hydrogen plays a large role in the energy transition and has been identified as a pillar in decarbonizing both energy and industrial sectors. Power-to-gas (P2G) technology is the enabler for an accelerated energy transition.

Upscaling of the creation, use and distribution of hydrogen involves high safety risks, both in large-scale and in decentralized (small-scale) environments.

Ever since the Hindenburg-disaster it is publicly known that hydrogen is very dangerous.

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The mere nature of gaseous Hydrogen (the smallest molecule, embrittlement of metals) means that in creation, storage, and distribution, inherently leaks occur.

The combination of the eminent increase in produced and consumed volume in the next years and the relatively low energy density of H2, will result in demand for high pressure (above 500 bar) storage and distribution of H2.

Need for leak detection

This results in a high demand for solutions that ensure safety, such as leak detection.

However, existing hydrogen detection-technology is not able to meet the security challenges that this hydrogen-based energy transition requires.

A worldwide Dutch/Belgian innovation based on new fiberoptic technology has the potential to meet this security challenge.

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We aim to determine the technical, economical, and social impact of fiber optic sensing in the context of environmental safety.

The project

Supported by Industry partners and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, a consortium of INERC, Somni Solutions, N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, Rijngas and EnTrance will achieve the goal by carrying out 2 pilots, which will provide insight into the determination of terms-of-reference (TOR) for an optimal H2 sensing methodology.

Furthermore, by forming a strategy in conjunction with industry, inspection-experts, stakeholders and organizations in the hydrogen value chain, benefits and costs will become clear. The study will thus also be an active catalyzer by creating new ideas, practices, and collaborations.

Safety Deal H2-glasvezelsensor bijeenkomst projectgroep Entrance Groningen 8 oktober 2021[

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I am Patrick Dierks, the leader of this very exciting project!

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tel: +31 6 14 56 02 45

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I am Remco Nieuwland,  CEO of Somni Solutions. 

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