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Displacement sensors

A fiber optic displacement sensor is used to measure travel range between where an object is and a reference position. A displacement sensor is used for all kinds of dimension measurements, for example and object's thickness, height, and width in addition to travel range. ​


The sensor on the left is a spring-loaded linear displacement sensor. This displacement sensor has a range of 30mm and can be adjusted at installation within the 30 mm range. 

The displacement sensor has an integrated temperature sensor which is used for temperature compensation during measurement. 

A few application examples:

  • Crack monitoring

  • Settlement measurement

  • Dilatations

  • Borehole extensometer


DP 100 T


General purpose Fiber Bragg Grating based displacement sensor. The double ended spring loaded displacement sensor is optimized to have a high sensitivity. The stainless steel sensor design is ruggedized and robust such that it can be used in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications


• High sensitivity combined with intrinsic temperature compensation

• Robust stainless-steel design for harsh environment

• Displacement range adjustable at installation (0/+100mm, -10/+90mm, -20/+80mm, etc

Additional information

Demonstration of our displacement sensors

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