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Temperature sensors

General information

Most application require a temperature sensor which needs to be responsive and accurate for critical quality control. 

Our fiber Bragg Grating based temperature sensor has a ruggedized housing for use in harsh environments. The sensor can be mounted directly on the surface or embedded into nearly any structure including concrete.


T 60

T 60 - 1.png

The T 60 temperature sensor is a highly sensitive fiber Bragg grating based temperature sensor for use in harsh environments. The Stainless steel (316L) housing ensure continues operation even when embedded into concrete. The sensor is dual ended to enable concatenating extra temperature or other types of Fiber Bragg grating sensors.

  • sensitivity 28 pm/°C

  • temperature range -20 to +60°C

  • accuracy <0.5°C

  • precision ± 0.3°C

  • mounting brackets available


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