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Tilt sensors

General information

Deflection or bending of (super) structures can provide invaluable information related to its structural integrity. A bridge for example experiences the dynamic loads of passing trucks and lorries which will cumulate stress and strain over time. As a result the bridge will slowly deform (e.g. compaction, deflection and/or bending).


These changes of the bridge shape and structure are so slow and subtle that they often remain unnoticed by maintenance engineers. However, such long term deformation is anything but harmless! If undetected a collapse is just a matter of when.


TI 500 T


The TI 500 T sensor of Somni Solutions is used for monitoring small changes in deflection angles (tilt) with high accuracy and unprecedented stability. This sensor is particularly suitable for monitoring of large structures and objects such as bridges. The TI 500 T tilt sensor is unique in its kind with a high sensitivity per unit angle deflection and a total measuring range of 10 degrees. The intrinsic temperature compensation mechanism allows to resolve very small angle changes of 0.002 degrees.

All sensors are packaged in a rugged stainless steel housing offering maximum protection against harsh environments.

  • >550pm/deg sensitivity

  • +/-5 deg range

  • excellent long term stability

  • temperature & drift compensated

  • 1 and 2 axis

  • various mounting brackets available

Additional information

Demonstration of our tilt sensors


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