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Displacement sensor

A fiber optic displacement sensor is used to measure the distance between the position of an object and a reference position. A displacement sensor is used for all types of dimensional measurements, such as the thickness, height and width of an object, in addition to displacement. 


This displacement sensor has a range of 30mm and can be adjusted at installation within the 100mm range. 

The displacement sensor has an integrated temperature sensor which is used for temperature compensation during measurement.



Some application examples:

  • Crack monitoring

  • Settling measurement

  • Dilatations

  • Borehole extensometer


DP 100 T

General purpose fiber bragg grating based displacement sensor. The double ended spring loaded displacement sensor is optimised for high sensitivity. The stainless steel sensor design is rugged and robust, allowing it to be used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.



• High sensitivity combined with intrinsic temperature compensation

• Robust stainless-steel design for harsh environment

• Displacement range adjustable at installation (0/+100mm, -10/+90mm, -20/+80mm, etc

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