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Somni designs and manufactures unique, high quality Fibre Bragg Grating sensors. To ensure and maintain this quality, we have a team of ambitious specialists, each of whom is an important link in the development of Somni's products. 

In addition, Somni attaches great importance to a pleasant and open relationship with our customers.


Make an appointment to meet the Somni team so that together we can create a fibre optic solution for your application.

Remco Nieuwland


Remco has a background in physics from the University of Twente.and early on in his studies he became hooked on fibre optic sensing through an internship at a Dutch engineering company.


The magic of total internal reflection, light guidance and remote sensing with light never left him and has been the focus of his career.


At Somni Solutions, he is able to share his passion for fibre optic sensing with his team of highly skilled professionals and hopes to spark an interest in fibre optics in some young Somni students during their internship.

Rik Knoppers


Rik lives in the middle of a real Dutch polder, surrounded by farm animals and greenhouses. This is the perfect place for Rik to indulge his passion for blacksmithing! He forges iron and steel with his hammer and can make anything from gates and lamps to simple nails.


In the old days, the blacksmith had a general knowledge of how to make and repair many things, from the most complex weapons and armour to simple things like nails or lengths of chain.


This is exactly the role that Rik currently plays at Somni Solution. Whatever problem you have, talk to Rik and he will surely come up with a solution.

Eric Meijer


Eric has a passion for design and construction. His background is in precision mechanics, which he studied at the Leidse Instrumentmakers School (LIS) and the Hogeschool Utrecht (HvU).


The ability to fix things comes in handy as a father of 2 young (wild) boys. At Somni, Eric is the designer behind many of the Somni sensors.


Eric's designs are easily recognisable; robust steel housings, laser engraving and manufactured using state of the art production techniques for optimum performance, quality and reliability.

Frank van Putten

Test engineer

Over the past 35 years, Frank has worked at the Dutch research institute TNO and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, where he has tested all kinds of optical and laser-based systems, mainly for defence applications.

Frank joined Somni in 2023, bringing with him a wealth of experience in testing, understanding complex measurement systems and troubleshooting in live applications.

Frank knows a lot about all sorts of exotic lasers, but he can also tell you where to find a good restaurant! Good food is one of Frank's main hobbies and you will find him enjoying a new restaurant every weekend. Want to talk about the performance of sensor interrogators or lasers over a good meal? Frank is your man!

Pascal Willems

Design engineer

With a passion for engineering, Pascal could be found in his father's workshop from an early age. After completing his studies at the Leidse Instrumentmakers School (LIS), he joined the company on a permanent basis and developed into a prototyping specialist. For a number of years, Pascal was able to concentrate on developing new injection moulding techniques.

All this in-depth knowledge of how things can be manufactured, together with his ever-increasing knowledge of the design process, makes Pascal a valuable partner in the Somni team.

In his spare time, Pascal enjoys spending time with his family, riding motorcycles and rebuilding old motorcycles into state-of-the-art "caferacers".​

Somni Corporation bv

Rotterdamseweg 183C

2629 HD Delft

The Netherlands

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