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H2 Sensible

A project that aims to ensure safety in the upcoming hydrogen economy.

Supported by Industry partners and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a consortium of INERC, Somni Solutions, Rijngas and EnTrance are aiming to determine the technical, economical, and social impact of fiber optic sensing in the context of environmental safety.

Somni fiber optic sensors

Somni on Dutch TV

Over the years the Somni team has developed various Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensors tailored to the specific application and needs of our customers.


We developed sensors for pressure, temperature, strain, acceleration, tilt (angle) and acoustics (sound).  Each sensor development is unique and often our customers ask us to push the fiber optic technology to its limits.

We either need to be best in class regarding sensitivity and dynamic range, or sometimes we are challenged by dimensional or environmental constraints unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Why choose fiber optic sensors?

Passive sensor

Passive sensors

  • Intrinsically safe

  • Immune to HV fields

  • No power at sensing location

Harsh environments

Harsh environments

  • Liquids/ moisture

  • Extreme temperatures

  • High robustness

Optical signal

Optical signal

  • Immune to EM interferences

  • No pre-amps required

  • Reach remote locations (km)

Radiation environments

Radiation environments

  • ATEX zones

  • Chemicals

  • Radiation hard

Endless possibilities

About our fiber optic sensors

How do our sensors work?

A demonstration video is made to illustrate the working of our fiber optic sensors on a quay wall.

Want to know what our sensors can do for you?

Each sensor is calibrated individually

Did you know that every Somni Sensor is individually tested and calibrated?

Here is a short video on how we do this at Somni Solutions.

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The Netherlands

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